Saturday, April 25, 2009

Monday is National Hairball Awareness Day ...

How gross is that? I know. It is gross. I was at PetSmart today and was chatted up by a sales associate. I literally laughed aloud when she told me about the (?). Not because I think hairballs are funny. They are not. They are awful. I am not trying to belittle their awfulness. I do, however, find it funny that there's an awareness day for it. Because that's just silly. And seems don't know....maybe a company that has a product that helps with hairballs. Which, in this case, happened to be Science Diet pet food who the sales associated just so happened to have coupons for. But, then again, I did find this link where they are celebrating the "holiday" in Washington, DC. You know in case you want to "touch an actual animal hairball." (Gag.) But, I digress. The REASON I even know about this is because we got a cat! He's so precious!


I've been thinking about cats since I held some kittens at a pet store a few weeks ago, and I happened to be at an animal shelter last week with a friend. And there was this sweet kitty who was King of the Day and a VIP at the animal shelter. Considering that this is NOT a no-kill shelter, I think those are both dubious honors. Also, he had been at the shelter for over a month. He's 5 years old, and his former owner said that they surrendered him because he was spraying everything in the house. But...he was soooooo sweet at the shelter. And very cute. And he was older, had been neutered, and was declawed. (I KNOW the declawing thing is cruel, but I have leather furniture so, I figure if I got a cat that is ALREADY declawed, then it's not as cruel or something.) Anyway, I decided to take a chance on this little fur ball, and I am so glad I did. He's awesome! And he hasn't sprayed anything at all..not even once. He's just a great addition to the family.

So, helping kitty adjust to his new home, has taken up a lot of my time. But, I did have time this week to add two new jewelry designs. I've been thinking about Mother's Day coming up next month. And I found some charms and chain that I really love. I think they are a great mix of vintage and contemporary. I found some awesome 1960s brass chain. It's heavier than I usually work with it. But, it's not too heavy. When I bought it, the seller had it listed as the "perfect chain", and I think it lives up to it's name. So, I added a vintage brass scripty Mother charm and a semi-precious blue lapis stone, and came up with this:

blue lapis + vintage brass

I also stumbled upon a brass locket that looks exactly like one my Mom had back in the 1970s. It's a double-sided oval locket with an art nouvaeu design on front and back. I paired it with the vintage 1960s chain. I absolutely love it. I made one for myself to keep and one to sell.

art nouveau locket + vintage brass chain

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