Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Random awesomeness

I swear. I'm not always going to do product reviews, but I HAVE to share about this awesome lip stain that I just tried last week! I am forever looking for that perfect balance of long lasting color and good feelability on my lips with a lip stain...and I found all that and more with Covergirl's Outlast Lip Stain! Love it. It comes in a pen form so that you can be really precise with your application AND you can put lip balm or gloss on top of it without messing up the color. This. Is. Awesome.
Also, I received an email from a friend this weekend that made me really happy and made me feel really stupid all at the same time. So, I've been using Reynold's Wrap aluminum foil for like forever. And she sent me an email telling me that you can push the tabs in on both ends of the box to secure the roll and keep it from coming out of the box. It's ALWAYS been on the box. But, because I've been so freaking crazy fighting with my foil that rolls out on the counter, I never even noticed it. Same thing with the Saran Wrap. So. Um yeah. Am I the only one that missed this crucial piece of info?

In jewelry news, I've posted several new designs up on my etsy site. I did some hand wired beaded necklaces. Those are new for me. And I got in the best vintage brass chain...ever. It's gorgeous. I used some of it to make this super fab earrings~!

blue lapis + vintage brass + gold filled earwires


  1. Oh my gosh I never seen the secure things too!


  2. At least I'm not the only one. Sheez~!